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Teen movie camp - You are the Crew!

I'm in the movies now!
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Presenting the new Movie Camps and Movie Classes!

"Mini-"Cine" is the latest!

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Star of the Show Events!

Star of the Show this Summer!
You'll get a bang! out of making your own movies... our skill camps show you how.

New! The exciting new movie genre called "MiniCine", the movie shorts, documentaries, animations and features small cinema! Now you can get in on the ground floor of the hottest new movie making on the planet. Using state-of-the-art classes and equipment for hands-on movie creation, you learn each facet of real movie making because you are the crew!

Each participant will experience being the creative staff of their movies: Camera crew, props, director, producer, writer, and the on-camera talent (actors).

Star of the Show Movie Workshops

5..4..3..2..1.......aaand ACTION!
Our local area has always provided many kinds "photo ops" for us

Summer of Movies Workshops:

The second week of each summer month we have movie workshops/movie camp. June, July, August - Lights! Camera! Action! Movie Camp for youth ages 6-11 (and up)

...creativity workshops, dailies, and practice, 9-12.
...production workshops each movie camp day 1-3...each participant will crew: props, directing, writing, acting, camera, assistant, etc., starting out the very first day with our daily: skill-building practice, skill-building games, hands-on practice, "mini-cine" production and more.

While all the movie campers are encouraged to do some thinking, dreaming and preparation after class, each teen movie camper is required to do some preparation as homework.

Hour One: All students participate in small group performance of improv comedy, mime, and crew training. Teen crew team members are required to be an aide for the movie camp the first hour to learn directing and producing skills for their small group movies in Hour Two.

The second hour is small group filming and production skills, etc. for each group. Both teams of movie makers will act and crew their movies at this time. Teen camp has 1-2 hours daily homework for script writing, set/prop/movie prep for their production.

Each participant will have a video published on the World Wide Web, their own dvd of movie camp productions, and the opportunity for a PUBLIC SCREENING to follow after post production/editing by our ArtZone Studios staff. Stars of the Show screenings TBA at the Monument Library!

Hurry! Movie Crew space limited. Call us today to reserve your spot! 719-488-8280 or email: for email registration form!


You can e-mail Janet here to request your online registration forms.

Reserve your spot today!
Call or e-mail! Janet Sellers, Executive Director, ArtZone Studios/ Monument School of Fine Arts

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Trixie likes cats.
We saw a fun MINI-CINE about cats, you can click here.

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