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Call and join us at Monument School of Fine Arts today:

We offer top quality art instruction for children and adults. We usually start with the powerful basics of art instructions and that includes chiaroscuro and observation. That said, our first class is a simple introduction and we see what the student knows in action, and then create a lesson plan accordingly. Contact us today to see about scheduling an intro class for placement!

Everyone can learn to draw and paint.
Join our art classes and be an artist, too!

Classes for every age and every level
Beginners to advanced skills just for you!

We can go outdoors and make a scene.
Students make art in the studio and the great outdoors.

Enjoy making art, making friends and lifelong art skills.

Student pastel drawing.
Artwork by S., age 9

Studio work spaces, evening class.
We use "horse easels" for optimal body posture and thereby great art.

Art Parties! Have fun with friends and MSFA.
Your venue or ours - it's too much fun!

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Call and join us at Monument School of Fine Arts today: 719-357-7454.

Now that you are a student or corporate client with Monument School of Fine Arts, you may be eligible for student or corporate discounts, tuition plans, corporate team building and other 'cafeteria' type plans with your job, company or other online specials because you are a current MSFA student he.

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