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"the art of drawing or painting can be learned, like any other craft - it's 1% talent, 99% passion and practice."
-Janet Sellers, instructor, has received arts honors internationally and nationally for her art work and written works.

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New for 2022! Ateliers and Workshops

An atelier is the private workshop or studio of a professional artist in the fine or decorative arts or an architect, where a principal master and a number of assistants, students, and apprentices can work together producing fine art or visual art released under the master's name or supervision.

Frequently, "classes" are usually for beginners, but the atelier or workshops include intermediate to advanced learners/artists who enjoy the inspiration of the novice heart as well as look to create in a supportive group setting under master supervision.

Picture this! Eric Carle-inspired pictures

You do not have to know how to draw to make your pictures - handwritten, collage images for a unique handmade art experience ready to frame, or take the atelier several times and you can make your art into a book or book-let to share your imagination on the pages. We have a book template to make it simple, and students can make a story or haiku poems for the pages. Take home a finished piece. Class: 4 hours TBA, $195, zoom, hybrid and on-site classes. Supply list upon registration.

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Haiku poems with watercolors

The narrow shi ki shi is an ancient Japanese tradition and beautiful in our time. We will learn to make haiku poems and simple watercolors of pure color abstract or realist watercolor sketches. 4 hour sessions, $195, these are repeatable, TBA.

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Learning to draw at any stage, any age

tba We're going to teach you how to draw of course. But more than that, you're going to learn to actually do it! Taking action for yourself is the key to success. Of course we'll keep a sketchbook and practice book, but we'll also make some larger drawings to see how that feels. From ancient to modern techniques, we'll learn about drawing and find out the key to your own drawing success and enjoyment. Session is 4 hours,sign up for one or more and grow your talents. $195 per session, zoom, hybrid and on site possible, tba.

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DIY coloring books

Get in on this fun and relaxing way of making art. We will make black and white drawings And Put them into a notebook or sketchbook so you can make copies and reproductions and then color them at your leisure. LIne drawings and shading of designs and doodle high design as well as other elements complete the pages. You can repeat sessions to create more for the sketchbook or notebook. TBA zoom, hybrid or on site possible. 3 hours, $195 each session.

Oil painting techniques: Masters.

The Flemish multi-layer glazing method offers beautiful, layered colors showing the chiaroscuro (light and shade)in umber or gray tones underneath, with an underpainting of thin grisaille, a dark and light underpainting, and thinly layering colors for a rich, 7-stage process of oil painting. It can also be done with acrylic paints, which dry faster. One day or weekend, TBA.

What makes the Old Masters' artworks so luminous? The Refractive Index, which measures the bending of light when it passes from one medium into another, specifically, a change in the speed of light as it travels through different materials. We'll study these things and more.

The art of illustration

"The Art of Illustration" tba 2022 Students will explore various forms of illustration (pairings of text and imagery) including drawing, text to image translation, and the art of graphic story books. For the purposes of this class to illustrate means to illuminate. The prompts will challenge students to engage in storytelling and explore text/imagery relationships while simultaneously honing basic rendering skills. At times the student will be finding collage images to illuminate, enhance, or create anew the meaning of written language and at other times will be creating language as a result of creating an image. The interplay between text and images will be a constant in this class. You may even want to publish your work online or in print list print on demand. Location: Monument,Colorado and on site special locations. TBA.

Instructor: Janet Sellers Cost: $315 (not including fees)

The handwritten book

We will take a simple story or anecdote - can be from your life, autobiographical or something you make up. We will illustrate in multimedia by drawing, photos and collage and more, and write simple story lines in longhand on the pages. We will discuss publication by self-publication and print on demand as well. These books make wonderful keepsakes for gifts, family, friends, and for sale. Instructor: Janet Sellers. TBA Cost: $350 Member | $390 Non-member

Sponsor: Janet Sellers Fine Arts

Postcard ephemera

Reviving her postcard ephemera workshops from her rubber stamp madness publication days, Janet will be teaching the art of the collage in the postcard fine art format. We will make a collection of fine art postcards that can be mailed and /or put into a journal or book form. We will discuss print on demand for books. Instructor: Janet Sellers. Location: Web-delivered (Online)Instructor: Janet Sellers Cost: $125 (not including fees) Sponsor: Janet Sellers Fine Arts. tba

Photography: workshops in light

In these workshops we focus on natural light, understanding lighting, and classical composition for superb photographs. Light is your best friend in photography - learn to be best friends with it forever. We'll teach the famous Zone system used by Ansel Adams.

Class focus is on black and white, also color, using digital cameras or cell phone cameras 5mp and up for classic photography style and digital modifications. Current students for these workshops include hobbyists, fine artists and photojournalists. You will use your own printer or print shop for prints.

Your award-winning instructor, Janet Sellers, studied the zone system in classes with Ansel Adams' assistant, famed photographer John Sexton. Sellers has been honored with awards from various Universities and in cities and countries such as Japan, Korea, and the U.S.A.

Art journaling, things remembered

"Art Journaling: Things Remembered"
February or March, 2022 tba

Create an art journal from the fabric of your life! Learn to translate your personal memories and writings into symbolic images and quotes in book form using mixed media drawing, watercolor and collage. Instruction in basic visual art elements and design principles will assist you in crafting a cherished keepsake book or gift for a loved one. No art experience necessary. Location: online or on site at Monument, Colorado. Or included with a local museum field trip (museum fee applies). Instructor: Janet Sellers. 3 hours. Cost: $95 Sponsor: Janet Sellers Fine Arts

Portfolio and professional workshops

Professional level workshops in drawing, painting and photography - improve your level of skill with our portfolio review, portfolio development classes, and professional presentation workshops. From scholarship applications to job applications, our portfolio skill building workshops and classes have proven results.

Students using our methods have received over $50,000.00 in art school scholarships to top level schools. This is an investment that can add value to your art school and professional level efforts.

Art Nite fun

Fun with friends art nites. We know you can do this! Bring a friend and find the fun right here, call for your own time or make a party for your friends.

Now you can paint with the Masters, too!
A painting by Van Gogh - and you!

Our Colorado Art Center here at Monument School of Fine Arts offers local and international art teachers for a variety of art experiences.  From executive night out events to soirees to just a fun time out, our studios can come to you or you can meet us at the venue of the evening. No experience necessary or expected!

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