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Interns and Volunteers
Make a difference - be a volunteer, intern or booster. It's fun and rewarding in many ways.

Volunteering and Internships available this year! MSFA students and boosters, let your love of art serve the community and build your service and leadership "hours portfolio" with Monument School of fine Arts.
HURRY! We're making the plans and schedules now!
Contact Janet to fine out how: 719-488-8280.

Apply now for your spot in the Service Hours Activities!

Movie Camp Coaches demonstrate scenes:
Leadership skills and movies, art, and more!

Leadership - Community Service - Creative Development and More!

New for 2005: Artist internships. We have opportunities to intern as an artist or muralist under the training/supervision of Janet Sellers. Her decades of indoor and outdoor mural experience in design, training interns and more will be an asset to your art learning and offer more breadth to your arts experiences. Contact us for details. Some pre-requisites apply

Investing in Service Hours! Training available.
Training programs are usually on the weekends - and fun, too!

Activities include teaching children in various capacities including:

-creative gamesmanship/leadership skills
-movie making
-art class aides/ assistants
...and more!

Training is available, some Red Cross certificates advised or required.

Investing in Service Hours- Summer Jobs for Teens

Join us! Monument School of Fine Arts/ ArtZone Studios offers a variety of opportunities for students ages 10 and older who want to spend the summer, after school, or certain days off helping others and investing in service hours.

Training is available, some Red Cross certificates advised or required.

Call Janet in Programs: 719-488-8280, or sign up for the Web updates at :

Service Hours at the Library:
Annual "Valentines for Veterans" Project

Join our newsletter for updates and service hour listings. When you click the icon here on this page for art supplies, your purchase helps support our community programs - so your shopping becomes a volunteering effort, too.

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Now that you are a student or corporate client with Monument School of Fine Arts, you may be eligible for student or corporate discounts, tuition plans, corporate team building and other 'cafeteria' type plans with your job, company or other online specials because you are a current MSFA student he.

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