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Re-new, Re-create, Re-charge your life every day. Our Artist's Way workshops show you how.


Find the Artist's Way Class for You!
Many offerings locally and some on the "Left Coast" locations.

Monument Library location for September! Possible free tuition - see below.


THE ARTIST'S WAY: creative, prosperous, focused.

For a number of weeks, usually 12 weeks@ 2 hours each, (6 weeks/3 hours or a weekend of 10-12 hours of condensed material is also available) our workshop develops, and each member grows with participation. One step at a time, one week at a time, we re- create and re-build our interest and involvement in the prosperity that is the creative way to live and lead our lives.

We learn to work creatively on our own and as a team effort. While not at all religious, there is a definite spiritual element to the Artists Way program: creation is a vital force for life.

The workshop for the Artist's Way seeks to help you release your creativity through introductions and even mastery of our ongoing creative exercises. You will see that you can do these at home and at the workshop. The biggest growth is on your own, with the weekly workshop serving to focus your new efforts and learning to do them for yourself. Gradually, you'll find yourself solving problems more creatively and easily, and in new, inspired ways!

The Artist's Way Workshops
Janet Sellers, Master Teacher

Each week you can expect:

The Weekly Topic presented and facilitated by an experienced MasterTeacher, the current Artist's Way facilitator, Janet Sellers.

Speed groups = Janet calls it the " flash group" style of quick, small group exchange.

Group support fostering personal responsibility and stimulating personal enrichment.


The Workshop:

Our Artists Way Workshop is designed for 12 to 25, and can accomodate up to 50, even 100 group members. A small, "flash" group discussion format (3-4 persons each) insures that each member participates fully in the ever-changing micro group, while the larger group format allows for new and stimulating participation for each flash group exchange.

Each meeting will have its weekly theme, a presentation portion with some bookwork/fun assignments needing to be completed during the week before each class.

Our Summer and Fall Artist's Way Workshop: The Creativity Sampler Series will host up to12 creative presentations from a "host" or pool of creative professionals: Photographers, Writers, Chefs, Painters, Quilters, Film makers, Musicians, and more!

Each class will have a creative sampler hands-on component so as to facilitate new creative experiences in such varied areas as creative writing, color collage, working with wood, mixed media, cool-things-you've-never-tried and so on. We may even open up the workshop section to some classmates' leading of a creative portion.

We use the book, "The Artist's Way", by Julia Cameron, as the backbone of the course. It is available at a most bookstores and online at Amazon, etc.

Janet Sellers personally worked with Julia Cameron in July, 2003, for the Artist's Way workshop in Taos, NM. While the Artist's Way fosters a path for a personal, inner journey, the format of 70 - 100 members in Taos was energizing and stimulating; it showed that the tremendous energy of a large group dynamic can support well the smaller group interactions for optimal personal results.

Join us!

A special, one-time offering at the Monument Library will be available for the September session tuition-free, but we will have a supplies fee. See registration page for details.

A fountain of creativity awaits you!
Click the fountain picture and print up your registration!

NEW THIS YEAR! Also included - web access and hands-on:

.....Members-only chat group to access - stay on track between meetings.

.....The notebook /album that you fill throughout the course of the workshop and keep.

.....Worksheets and creative tools/supplies for each session

.....Limited email/chat - timed group support from Janet (to be announced at class).

Details? Contact us here:

Email us for more information and to sign up.

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