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Our outdoor sculpture, mosaic and garden art classes have a lot going on! From building a garden sculpture, birdbath, or topiary to a mosaic (tiled) fountain mini pond to, well, the sky is really the limit! Here's the latest:

New! Topiary classes and workshops. Create your own living sculptures and enjoy summer all year long indoors and out!

Lots of ideas - create your own topiary!
Join the workshop and take home your topiary same day!

And you thought art was just with pencils and paint?
Workshops focus on basics of simple forms, and skills with very pleasing results. You will learn to make your wire form, moss filler and learn which plants will work for your area outside and inside. Most of the topiaries for the classes are indoor-outdoor types, so you can enjoy them on your deck for a summer party, and bring them indoors for a centerpiece when the weather cools down.

Topiary workshops are usually weekend mornings or afternoons, and you take it home same day! Join us for our next workshop!
Email Janet for a list of dates or grab your friends and we'll make YOUR date one of the happenings.

Yes! Go ahead, MAKE MY DATE....

Yes! Send me the info so I can see the dates and plan now!